Welcome to Sager-Stoneyard Pub

The Only Place in Rochester to Enjoy Two Breweries Under One Roof โ€“ and Great Food, Too!

What's on tap today!

Sager Double Jam

ABV 8.0 |IBU 70

DIPA version of our popular New England style IPA, It's My Jam

Sager Back Alley IPA

ABV 4.5 |IBU 35

An all-day IPA. Low cal, low ABV but so much flavor!

Sager Festbier

ABV 5.5 |IBU 25

Traditional German-style Oktoberfest lager. Amber, malty, crisp finish

Sager Indie's Black IPA

ABV 6.5 |IBU 50

A classic Black IPA made in the English style. Balance and subtlety.

Sager University Ave Pale Ale

ABV 5.8 |IBU 39

English-style amber ale. Toffee upfront and a floral hoppiness on the back end.

Sager Dortmunder Export

ABV 5.5 |IBU 25

Golden Lager. Maltier and more robust than a Pilsner but still crisp and satisfying.

Sager Olaf's Ale

ABV 5.5 |IBU 15

Norwegian Farmhouse ale. Light in color and flavor with a hint of juniper.

Sager-Stoneyard Beer-tiful Friendship Stout

ABV 6.2 |IBU 25

Moroccan Cream Stout. Smooth and dark, with a light citrus and spice.

Stoneyard Old Top Hat

ABV 5.5 |IBU 15

Classic Pale Lager. Light but tasty, .

Stoneyard The Pink Ones

ABV 5 |IBU 15

Fruited Sour. Think Starburst candy!

Stoneyard Bender IPA

ABV 6.2 |IBU 50

Hazy IPA. Juicy and crushable.

Stoneyard Citrus Fruit Punch Nectar

ABV 6 |IBU 10

Fruit Juicy Great!

Rotating Guest Fruit Sours

Try flight of the best of local fruited sours

Stoneyard Beelzebubbles Hard Seltzer


Gluten-reduced Fruity Hard Seltzer

Other drinks

Living Roots Wines. Blakes Hard Cider, Katboocha Kombucha, Fizz Soda. and NA options are available

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Here's what's cookin'

Boars' Nest Burger

Made to order, this generous-sized burger is on a homemade pretzel roll and can be topped off with caramelized beer onions, cheese and comes with a choice of side.

Tijuana Tacos

Corn tortillas filled with your choice of grilled shrimp , black bean/sweet potato, or pork carnitas, all topped off with Cotija cheese, mixed seasoned cabbage, and pico de gallo.

Flatbread Pizzas

We start with homemade piadina flatbread then smother it in house-made marinara, mozzarella and locally sourced meats or veggies. Weekly meat and vegetarian options. See the specials board at the bar!


Find Us At:

46 Sager Drive
Rochester, NY 14607



Mon - Thurs: 4pm โ€“ 9pm

Friday: 4pm-10pm

Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Sunday: 1pm - 7pm

Thereโ€™s a reason itโ€™s called craft beer: namely, the skill, technique and time that goes into making it.

At Sager-Stoneyard, our beers are never mass-produced. Every one of our small-batch beers is crafted on site, using only the highest-quality ingredients. And that means you get the highest-quality taste experience.