What's on tap today!

It's My Jam NE-IPA

ABV 6.7|IBU 55

Juicy, hop-flavor forward with restrained bitterness

Brutus IPA

ABV 5.0|IBU 25

Brut IPA. Golden, dry and crisp with lots of hop flavor.

Hose 22 Amber

ABV 5.2|IBU 37

Hoppy amber ale. A malty, caramel start and a bracing West Coast hoppy finish. Hose 22 Bar & Grill exclusive.

Ezra's Little Brother

ABV 3.6|IBU 15

English Mild Ale. Light caramel and nuttiness. Low ABV, a superb light Dark ale.

Nike-Weizen 2

ABV 4.9|IBU 12

German-style Hefeweizen. Golden, cloudy. Notes of ripe fruit and clove. Dry finish.

Sager Summer Lager

ABV 5.2|IBU 25

German-style Pale Lager. Light amber, balanced, crisp and regfreshing.

All Together IPA

ABV 6.5|IBU 58

Sager's version of Other Half's global collab brew. NYS ingredients. Amber, lightly fruity, hop bitterness in the finish.

Dirty Shirley

ABV 7|IBU 16

Belgian-style sour. A collaboration with K2 Bros. Brewing.

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Here's what's cookin'

Boars' Nest Burger

This burger hasn’t been sitting under a heat lamp for hours. But it does sit on a homemade pretzel roll. Made to order, this generous-sized burger of All-Natural Beef can be topped off with caramelized beer onions, cheese, with choice of side.

Tijuana Tacos

Three corn tortillas filled with your choice of grilled rotating seafood, sweet potato/black beans, or pork carnitas all topped off with Cotija, cabbage, and pico de gallo.

“The Don” Flatbread Pizza

Here’s a pizza you can’t refuse. We start with homemade piadina flat bread then smother it in house-made marinara, mozzarella and locally sourced meats. Whack your hunger pains the old-school way. Daily vegetarian option also available.


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There’s a reason it’s called craft beer: namely, the skill, technique and time that goes into making it.

At Sager, our beers are never mass-produced. Every one of our small-batch beers is crafted on site, using only the highest-quality ingredients. And that means you get the highest-quality taste experience.