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It's My Jam NE-IPA

ABV 6.7 IBU 55

Juicy, hop-flavor forward with restrained bitterness

Old School IPA

ABV 6.6 IBU 50

A classic West Coast-style IPA. Mild malt with bracing hoppiness. The way it all started.

Burton-On-Genesee IPA

ABV 6.2 IBU 58

A balanced IPA with toffee-like maltiness and floral, grassy hop notes

University Ave Pale Ale

ABV 5.8 IBU 39

English-style amber ale. Toffee upfront and a floral hoppiness on the back end.

Ezra's Little Brother

ABV 3.5 IBU 15

English Mild Ale. Light caramel and nuttiness. Low cal and low ABV, a superb light Dark ale.

Hannah's Raisin' Helles

ABV 4.5 IBU 15

Euro Pale Lager. Light and crisp. Perfect for summer!

Paulo's Limoncello

ABV 5.2 IBU 15

Lemony tart with a touch of sweetness.

Paulo's Bellini Peach Sour

ABV 5.2 IBU 15

Peach infused Sour ale

Out Of Our Rinds Pils

ABV 5.2 IBU 15

Golden pilsner flavored with melon

Rotating Guest Sour/Fruit Ale Cans


Lone Pine Slush Punch

Rotating OSB Hard Cider


Cinco Denial from OSB

Other drinks


Wines from Living Roots. Katboocha Kombucha, Fizz Soda. and NA options are available