Beer List

= Currently on tap

It's My Jam NE-IPA

ABV 6.7 IBU 55

Juicy, hop-flavor forward with restrained bitterness

Double Jam

ABV 8.0 IBU 70

DIPA version of our popular New England style IPA It's My Jam

IPA De Leche

ABV 6.9 IBU 55

Milkshake version of our popular IPA, It's My Jam

Mystic Valley IPA

ABV 8.0 IBU 80

DIPA version of CUE IPA, our West Coast IPA

CUE American IPA

ABV 6.8 IBU 60

Big hop flavors with a mix of citrus, pine and tropical fruit

University Ave Pale Ale

ABV 5.2 IBU 50

Amber Pale Ale with big hop flavors

Brutus IPA

ABV 5.0 IBU 25

Brut IPA. Golden, dry and crisp with lots of hop flavor.

Sager Saxon IPA

ABV 6.6 IBU 56

100% German ingredients. Lots of of late hopping in the American style

Burton-On-Genesee IPA

ABV 6.2 IBU 58

A balanced IPA with toffee-like maltiness and floral, grassy hop notes

Empire Coast IPA

ABV 6.5 IBU 55

A true NYS IPA. Grain from NY Craft Malt (Batavia) and hops from Cobblestone Hop Yard (Ontario).

Sager Grande Cru IPA

ABV 6.4 IBU 57

A perfect marriage of European ingredients. Ripe fruit balanced with floral hops

Hose 22 Amber

ABV 5.2 IBU 37

Hoppy amber ale. A malty, caramel start and a bracing West Coast hoppy finish. Hose 22 Bar & Grill exclusive.

Olde Ezra Nut Brown

ABV 5.6 IBU 25

Malt-accented. Caramel, toffee start with a nutty, dryish finish

Trolley Barn Ale

ABV 5.3 IBU 28

German-style amber ale. Lightly malty with a crisp hoppy finish

Erik The Red

ABV 5.2 IBU 24

Irish Red Ale. Amber, malty with a touch of dryness in the finish.

Boss Hog Strong Ale

ABV 7.3 IBU 44

Big, dark, robust. Malty with roast, toffee and dried fruit

Northstar Brown Ale

ABV 5.7 IBU 40

Malty, roasty but with Northwest hops to balance

King Charles Porter

ABV 5.3 IBU 25

Dark, smooth roastiness with caramel to balance

Roc-Topia Cream Stout

ABV 6.3 IBU 32

Dark, roasty and smooth. Like coffee with milk

Smugtown Stout (Gold Medal Winner)

ABV 8.0 IBU 58

Big-ass stout. Strong and Robust

Gearhead Kolsch

ABV 4.9 IBU 38

German-style golden ale. Lightly malty but with a hopped finish

Friar Don's Ale

ABV 5.2 IBU 23

Belgian-style blonde ale. Golden, fruity and low bitterness

Nike-Weizen 2

ABV 4.9 IBU 12

German-style Hefeweizen. Golden, cloudy. Notes of ripe fruit and clove. Dry finish.

White Lady Wit

ABV 4.5 IBU 17

Light, hazy and crisp. Fruity with a touch of spice

Devon Cream Ale

ABV 5.1 IBU 18

English-style golden ale. Lightly malty and low bitterness

Sager Pils

ABV 5.2 IBU 30

Classic German-style Pilsner. Golden, crisp and refreshing.

Sager Festbier

ABV 5.5 IBU 25

Traditional German-style Oktoberfest lager. Amber, malty, crisp finish

Sager Dunkel

ABV 5.2 IBU 25

Dark amber, crisp with a light maltiness.

Moo Hoo Porter

ABV 5.5 IBU 22

Velvety chocolate dark ale.

Wiener Lager

ABV 5.2 IBU 25

Classic Vienna-style amber lager. Light maltiness and finish.

All Together IPA

ABV 6.5 IBU 58

Sager's version of Other Half's global collab brew. NYS ingredients. Amber, lightly fruity, hop bitterness in the finish.