Sager Beer Works:

A perfectly crafted experience.

If you love fresh craft beers, you’re going to love Sager Beer Works. You see, we’re not just a craft brewery. We're a beer lover's haven - where friends and family can meet to eat, drink and just hang out. Got questions? Our knowledgeable staff can talk at length about every craft beer we brew — and tell you the tale the behind each and every one. After 20 years, brewing craft beer is our greatest passion — and every ale, stout, lager, pilsner and porter are crafted on-site using only the highest-quality ingredients. And speaking of ingredients, our food menu features only locally-grown, artisanal choices selected to enhance your experience.

Founded by Paul Guarracini and Don Tumminelli, Sager Beer Works is located in the Culver/University neighborhood of Rochester. It consists of a 5 BBL brewhouse, a cozy tap room dripping with old-world charm and features a German-style long table, S-Bar and Comfy Corner.

So no matter how you say it — Cheers! Prost! Nostrovia! Salut! — we’d like to say thanks for checking out Sager Beer Works. We hope to see you soon!

"There are no
strangers here;
Only friends who
have not yet met."
- W.B. Yeats